LongMing Cashmere Blended Yarn

I got this cashmere blended yarn because I am a knitter, I learned not long ago but it turns out I’m a natural and I love it so I knit a lot. I have a website and everything, check out http://knitkitty.com I do not do a lot of lace knitting mostly because I have kids and you have to pay attention more with lace knitting especially with all the yarn overs k2tg and slip stitches but I went ahead and did a scarf in this yarn so that I could have a better feel of how it works up and it is really nice.

Here’s what you need to know. The listing and the label are confusing because they basically say different yarn weights. This is a [amazon text=lace weight yarn&asin=B01H960H5U], it is not a thread weight like I think I saw someone else say. It is very thin but that is how it is suppose to be because that is what lace is. There are parts of my scarf when I was introducing the next color and I purposely did this slowly and when using two of these colors together it creates a really neat effect and becomes the thickness of a worsted weight yarn. This is also a very soft and silky [amazon text=yarn&asin=B01H960H5U], because of that it can slide off of your needle easily so make sure you use needle caps when your taking a break or you will end up like me, cursing while trying to get your stitches back on your needle properly.

The colors on these [amazon text=yarns&asin=B01H960H5U] are amazing. The are vibrant, they are chromatic and they are very true to the photo images on the listing. This is also some of the softest yarn I’ve used in a while and when I finished my scarf and put it on it was so cozy and I wish I had made it wider.

I can not tell you how many yardage information is not on the label but it is in the listing so I would suggest writing it down on your label when this arrives especially if you’re not going to be using it right away (the listing says 382 total yards/skein). You can watch my video review to see everything that is put on the back. I used 3 colors to do a 6″W x 30″L scarf and it barely used any of my yarn. Because the yarn is so thin it doesn’t look like there is as much there as there is.

I did get an added bonus of double pointed needles, circular needles, are yarn tamer (I don’t know what they’re really called but they’re so your yarn doesn’t get twisted when using multiple colors and a tapestry needle. I’m not 100% sure what size the straight needles are that were included but I would guess they are around a 1 or a 2, they got thrown in with my other needles by my daughter before I had a chance to test the size. The circular needles are a size 1 but I didn’t measure the length. I don’t know if I only received these because I got so many skeins or not so if you don’t get this added gift if you only purchase fewer skeins please don’t get angry.

One thing I did notice that I’m not sure is just me or the [amazon text=yarn&asin=B01H960H5U] is that when I initially tried knitting in the round with my blue color my yarn kept breaking. I hadn’t knitted with this weight yarn in a while so I thought maybe I was casting on too tightly but even when I did a looser cast on it kept breaking. The yarn almost looked homespun and I think I might have had a bad skein on one end but when I switched to straight needles I didn’t have the same issue so I can not say if it was the [amazon text=yarn&asin=B01H960H5U] or my needles or my cast on but I have to mention it just in case it is the yarn.

I show 2 different types of LongMing yarn in my review, the one I have the most of comes in [amazon text=30 different colors&asin=B01H960H5U] and these are all the ones you see except for the [amazon text=orange-red color &asin=B01H97GJLU] the listing for the orange-red includes 12 colors. 

Otherwise I think this [amazon text=yarn&asin=B01H960H5U] is lovely, I enjoyed knitting with it, it worked up nicely in my scarf, it lays nicely and the colors are bright and the yarn is soft. Just know that it is thin and meant for lace weight knitting or crocheting projects.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01H960H5U]

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