Boshiho Adjustable Cork Bow Tie

Oh boy, I saw this bow tie and pretty much freaked out. As someone who was an interior designer for years I know a lot about cork, I love cork products but I have never seen it used in so many applications as this company does and when I saw there was a [amazon text=bow tie&asin=B01D4459NQ] I knew I had to get it for my neighbor.

My neighbor is in a band and they always wear [amazon text=bow ties&asin=B01D4459NQ] but I can guarantee you he will be the only one with a [amazon text=cork bow tie&asin=B01D4459NQ]. I really thought that this was going to be stiff and heavy, mind you I’m use to dealing with cork flooring so that was pretty much what I was picturing. This is actually soft, light weight and pliable

The [amazon text=tie&asin=B01D4459NQ] is obviously cork and it is folded perfectly. The back of the [amazon text=tie&asin=B01D4459NQ] has a satin adjustable neck strap. I said on my video review that I was going to add measurements, they’re on the amazon product description but because I promised: The neck is adjustable and can go from 11″ -20″. The bow is 4.72″wide x 2.36″ tall, those are some interesting measurements by the way, I’m guessing the company converted them from metric.

I will be getting a picture of my neighbor wearing this as soon as possible and adding it to my review.

If you’re planning on giving this to someone it is all ready packaged to give as a gift.

My other concern was that this was going to have a scent to it when it arrived but I smelt absolutely nothing.

I could not be happier with this product, I think it is unique, unusual, well made and it makes me wish I wore [amazon text=bow ties&asin=B01D4459NQ]. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01D4459NQ]

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