Boshiho Eco-Friendly Cork Zipper Bag

I am a cork fanatic and I actually got a couple of things from this company because I couldn’t believe all the cool things they were making with cork and this bag is one of them.

This is obviously a very simple [amazon text=bag&asin=B00R7KQKUU], there are no interior pockets just the zipper on top (which works very smoothly by the way) and that is pretty much it. The highlight of this bag is that it is made of cork.

The reason I like cork so much is that it is eco-friendly (because it is sustainable) and it is antimicrobial which is ideal especially if you are planning on using this for a kid’s pencil case because germs stick to everything and I feel like my kids touch everything.

I’m honestly still not sure what I’m going to use this for. I put some makeup brushes in it and they fit perfectly so I might use it for a [amazon text=toiletry bag&asin=B00R7KQKUU]or a [amazon text=makeup bag&asin=B00R7KQKUU]or I might throw it in my purse to hold all the nonsense I always end up carrying, really the possibilities are immense.

The things you need to know, this is plenty big to hold a number of different items (I’ve included measurements in the video part of my review but they are also in the product listing), the cork is soft and almost silky feeling, the visual texture of this is lovely and most of all IT IS A BAG MADE OUT OF CORK!

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00R7KQKUU]


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