Flowered Vintage Dress Review

Gorgeous, I love this [amazon text=dress&chan=mwlr affiliate id&asin=B011IUBDVK]. I can tell you that right off the bat I was worried that my chest would not fit in this but I did not have any issues. I’m typically a 38D and actually this dress had a little space left. The waist had room too which is nice because I like to sit in my dresses especially since this is a dress that simply has to be worn with heels.

The size chart with the measurements is pretty dead on. There is actually some give with this. I almost thought I could go down a size but my husband said that it looked great so I’m taking his word for it. Out of the two dresses I received from Black Butterfly I feel like this one was slightly larger despite being the same number size.

This dress is fully lined and the material is quite lovely. I think that is prettier from a distance than up close but so is a Monet painting. 🙂 I only have 2 small complaints about this dress which I believe even with my limited seamstress skills I can fix. The is a little bit of a gap around the arms and because I have to wear the belt (which is awesome by the way) on the last notch the end of the belt hangs down and there is no where to loop it into so I’m going to add a small snap. Not everyone is going to have these issues of course, it depends on your body type.

I highly recommend getting a petticoat if you want an authentic vintage look. It makes the bottom of the dress poof out which in turn makes the dress even more slimming which is obviously a good thing.

I was an Interior Designer for many years and I know fabric. This is not top of the line hundreds of dollars a yard fabric but it is also not inexpensive fabric. I would compare this dress to anything you would find at Lane Bryant.

I’m very happy to have this dress and can’t wait to wear it to church.

I finally had the opportunity to wear this out in public. I wore this to church and then to a father’s day brunch after and I had no less than 12 people compliment me on my outfit. I have never in my life gotten so many compliments and I have some pretty great clothes. (I’m not bragging, I have some great vintage and modern pieces). I did realize that I forgot to mention that the buttons are not actual button holes they are just details. This is great if you are busty because if you are having gapping issues you can run a quick stitch down the front and you don’t have to worry about working around buttons. 🙂


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