Lovful Cat Socks

I love these kitty socks from Lovful. I got this for a girl down the street who loves my cat so I thought she would like these socks. Hopefully she likes them as much as I do.

I love that each cat on here has a different personality just like all cats do. The print on these is bright and realistic. The [amazon text=socks&asin=B016XSB8VW] themselves are soft and almost silky feeling which my daughter and I both noticed right away. The print is only on one side in case you’re wondering; the other side is plain white.

These seem like they will fit a variety of sizes, my daughter wears a 4.5 girls/ 6.5-7 women’s shoe and I wear a size 9.5 women’s shoe and these fit both of us. Be aware the bigger your foot the image will get a little distorted but not a lot, mostly it looses it’s vibrancy.

I think the gray cat with his mouth open is hysterical when it’s not on and it’s even funnier when you put them on. My daughter tries them on to demonstrate in the video review and where the mouth lands cracks me up.

If you like cats or you just like funny [amazon text=unique socks&asin=B016XSB8VW] you can’t go wrong with these cat socks.

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