Cable Bites Animal Phone Cable Protectors

It’s not very often that I buy frivolous things that I see on social media but every once in a while I make an exception and these animal cable bites are those exception. I kept seeing these on instagram and thought they were cute and clever and kind of wanted one and kind of didn’t and then one day I decided that I couldn’t take not having that cuteness in my life anymore and bought them.

I bought a [amazon text=6 pack&asin=B07GZH83FJ] because as soon as my kids found out I wanted them they wanted some too, and they’re good kids so I thought why not. After that, the hardest decision was which one(s) to get. You can buy these individually on amazon or in groups like I did. The one I bought was a 6 pack including and panda, pig, tiger (I thought this was a cat in the video), cat (I thought this was a dog in the video), polar bear and shark, you know, animals that all typically go together in the wild. I did really like the [amazon text=hedgehog&asin=B07FY37B6D] but I couldn’t find a set that included him that was prime and had other ones I liked.

I will say that these are intended for iPhones, specifically lightening cables but I still think they look cute on my [amazon text=Samsung&asin=B06Y14T5YW] cord- they just don’t make it all the way up to the phone. I put one on our old iPad charger and my daughter’s [amazon text=Moto Z&asin=B073SBYMK7] charger as well. Obviously the only one that made it all the way to the phone is the lightening cable because of the size of the animal mouths but that didn’t really matter to me. Also, you might want to be aware if you have a case on your phone (which you should) that will take away a bit of the cuteness factor but not a lot. 🙂

These are not just cute by the way, they do have a purpose.

     1) They protect your phone cord. After pulling them from your phone or getting them tangled your cables can become frayed especially where they connect to the plug in, these will help keep that from happening.

     2) They make it easier to figure out which cord is which. My daughter’s Moto cord is similar to my Samsung cord but they are not the same, these make it easier to figure out whose is whose. Mine is the piggy and her’s is the panda- no more guessing games.

     3) They make the cord easier to grip when removing.

     4) Most importantly, they’re adorable.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for some cuteness in your life, why not start here? If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer and a small gift for a tween or teenager these will likely be a hit. These cable bites are fun and they do serve a purpose and did I mention that they’re cute?

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B07GZH83FJ]

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