Emoi Smart Flower Bluetooth Speaker


I was drawn to this flower speaker’s design before I even knew all that it did. This is not the standard square or round bluetooth speaker and I loved the modern shape and colors of this so I decided I needed it.

Then, the [amazon text=speaker&asin=B01BWMU446] arrived and I realized it was so much more than a speaker. Even after I got it and filmed my video review it wasn’t until a couple of days later that I realized it did even more!

The basics: The bottom “pot” is the actually [amazon text=bluetooth speaker&asin=B01BWMU446] and it is LOUD. I’ve tried a bunch of different bluetooth speakers now and this is one of the loudest and the bass is great on it. The bottom is no slip and the buttons are easy to understand. There is no weird talking when you are connecting bluetooth like a lot of speakers, just a pleasant chime and there are battery indicator lights on the back to let you know how much power is left. The bottom is 3″H x 9.5″ around at its widest. The light is 6″H making to overall height of the whole unit 9″. Everything but the speaker cover is made out of what feels like a soft rubber with a silky finish, the speaker cover (I believe) is metal.

The light on top took me a minute to figure out. In my video review I thought that it didn’t detach but it does however I’m not 100% sure why. The bottom that plugs into the “pot” is a USB so you can plug this into any USB and use it, I use them sometimes when I’m typing at night and I don’t want to turn on the lights, I just plug these types of lights into my keyboard. I also didn’t realize when I was doing my video review that there are 2 levels of light, low and high. If this changed colors that would be amazing but unfortunately it does not. The biggest reason I like the light is because I hate when I’m trying to listen to my bluetooth speaker at night and I want to skip tracks and I can’t read the buttons to see which one is which, now I can just bend the light down and see them clearly.

It turns out also, which I didn’t realize until later, that the “pot” is also a battery bank, that is why it has the light up battery indicator on it. This is genius because I now have 3 things that I use a lot in one convenient package, a light, a [amazon text=bluetooth speaker&asin=B01BWMU446] and a battery bank. There is also an app you can download so that you can work this remotely (even the light) but honestly I haven’t downloaded it yet.

Did I mention how loud this is yet? It is insanely loud. I even went out to show it to my husband after I got done filming it and he was shocked.

If you’re not digging the light the company offers [amazon text=another version&asin=B019GX0TS4] that looks like a seedling so it offers all the other benefits of this speaker without the light and still looks cool doing it. 

As I said, I’ve had my fair share of bluetooth speakers now so it is hard to impress me when it comes to them, this one is absolutely impressive. From its design to the fact that it has multifunctions and there is even an app to use it remotely and set alarms it’s hard to find anything not to love with this unit. Super cool, can’t wait to use it again for a dance party with the kids.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01BWMU446]

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