Saler Lee Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Real Wood Sugar Skull Case

[star rating=”4″]
Love this case, it looks cool and it functions well
but the buttons are a little harder to use but I don’t mind

UPDATE: My case broke :'(

I seriously wanted to cry when it broke. My phone fell out of my purse & landed on our street. This was around a 3′ drop and my phone was fine but it broke the top left of my case. I was still able to use it like this for a while but then the crack proved to be to weak. I would put the phone in and out of my pocket & it eventually broke a little more. It would have still used it but one of the breaks was sharp so I hesitantly decided to move on. If I didn’t have kids & had the ability to purchase this case over & over if it should have cracked again I would have got another one because I really did love it; but I ended up having to switch to a boring plastic/silicone case that even though it protects my phone more over a long period of time it will never compare to this one. It’s a form vs function situation and as usual my heart says form but my wallet says function. 🙂

I really do love this sugar skull case, it is not perfect but I’m willing to overlook the imperfection due to the cool factor. 🙂

This is a [amazon text=real wood case&asin=B01E3UC55A] and the design is engraved on it not printed. This comes in two pieces that you have to slide onto your phone. It is a tight fit but it fits perfectly.

There is a layer of fabric that feels like felt that goes in between the wood and the phone so you don’t have to worry about the back of the phone being scratched. Once you slide the top part of the [amazon text=case&asin=B01E3UC55A] onto the phone you slide on the bottom part and you will hear it click when the two pieces connect.

I was nervous because I had read where other people said the buttons were hard to get to and it is true they are more difficult to use but mostly if you are trying to use them from the top of your phone, if you are using them from the bottom it is much easier. I even had my husband try with his giant fingers and he was able to use them. I think if you have really long nails it makes it more difficult but when your [amazon text=case&asin=B01E3UC55A] looks this cool you take the good with the bad.

This is a really lightweight [amazon text=case&asin=B01E3UC55A] considering it is made out of wood and I definitely feel like my phone is much more protected. I was very impressed with how well all of the holes lined up, I can easily plug in my charger and headphones and I had no issues while wireless charging and it did not decrease my signal at all.

If you have to take your case off regularly this is not the [amazon text=case&asin=B01E3UC55A] for you because once this is on it is rather difficult to take off but really who would want to take it off, look how cool it is.

If you don’t like the sugar skull don’t worry because this comes in other patterns and finishes including one that looks a lot like the [amazon text=Captain America logo&asin=B01HXF02C0], a [amazon text=bamboo tree on a light colored wood&asin=B01E3UC43S], a [amazon text=compass&asin=B01E3UC3Q6], an [amazon text=elaborate cross&asin=B01E3UC4TC], a [amazon text=dandelion on a light wood finish&asin=B01E3UC4HO], a [amazon text=fancy elephant head&asin=B01E3UC2W6], a [amazon text=mandala &asin=B01E3UC5H8], an [amazon text=anchor&asin=B01E3UC3DO], a [amazon text=mayan looking design &asin=B01E3UC2IU], and a [amazon text=tree on a dark wood finish.&asin=B01E3UC258]

I have no problems using my edge screen with this [amazon text=case&asin=B01E3UC55A] on, other than the minor nuisance of the buttons I have no complaints at all, it looks great, my phone is protected and did I mention how cool it is?

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01E3UC55A]

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