Boshiho Eco-Friendly Cork Wallet

What a cool wallet. If you are looking for a durable money, credit card, ID holder and you don’t want to get leather cork is such a great alternative.

I got this because I needed something to keep my pistol permit in. I thought this would work well because of the front being see through but it is way better than I had anticipated.

I know that the back is for a [amazon text=money clip&asin=B01C5QD46S] (I didn’t realize this when I did my video review, I blame lack of sleep) but I plan on using it to hook onto the inside pocket of my purse so that this doesn’t float to the bottom where it will never be found again. The [amazon text=credit card holders&asin=B01C5QD46S] on this are tight enough to hold the cards but not so tight that they are hard to get out, same goes for the ID holder. There is another pouch that is lined that could be used for business cards or larger cards or if my husband was carrying this it would be for receipts.

I love cork products and this cork is very soft to the touch and almost has a silky feel. It is pliable not like the cork I’m familiar with (I was an Interior Designer so when I think of cork I think of floors) so that was a pleasant surprise.

This does come in a couple other cork patterns including a multicolor but I really like the texture of the one I reviewed. 

The dimensions for this are on the amazon listing but in case you are wondering it is 4.3″ x 3″. I think it is just the right size, it will hold a lot without taking up much room in your purse or pocket and it is perfect for what I need it for.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01C5QD46S]

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