Benny the Bull by Waliki Toys

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Benny the Bull is a super durable ride on/ bounce toy that I have no doubt will last your child for years to come

This Benny The Bull toy  is surprising durable. We’re all familiar with the standard bouncy balls and how they feel. Benny the bull feels completely different. From the moment you take him out of the package you can feel how durable he is.  This is actually an old video review of mine and Anakin has had [amazon text=Benny&asin=B005R9MX7M] for almost 2 years now and still uses him! He is a little too big to play on him now, but try telling Anakin that, he won’t believe you. Here’s the rest of the original review: 

My little guy is 3-1/2 but he is very tall for his age (95th percentile, 41″). He is able to use this but I have a feeling not for too long. That is to say he won’t be able to bounce on it much longer but he can still throw it around and “beat it up” and I don’t have any doubts this will hold up. A big reason I have no doubts is because my daughter has also been sitting on it and she is over 100 pounds.

[amazon text=Benny&asin=B005R9MX7M] at his largest measurements is: 20″ long x 17.5″ from his feet to the top of his horns, approximately 10.5″ from his feet to the top of his tush x 9″ at his widest point. He comes with his own hand pump to blow him up which I assume is easy to do because my 10 year old did it without me. 🙂 My son (and my 10 year old daughter) love him.

If you have a younger child who is a little rough with their toys, loves ride on toys, loves to bounce and jump this would be a great gift for them. [amazon text=Benny&asin=B005R9MX7M] is super durable, easy to use, adorable and a hit with any kids that comes to our house to play, sometimes regardless of their age. How can you go wrong with a bull you can bounce around on? 

By the way if you don’t like the purple color, don’t worry, [amazon text=Benny&asin=B005R9MX7M] comes in tons of color options. 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B005R9MX7M]

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