Evergreen Supply Sewing Kit

This Evergreen Supply Sewing Kit is by far the most extensive compact sewing kit I own. At first I didn’t know if I wanted this because I have a couple of portable sewing kits, one for my camper and one in my living room drawer for quick access but I saw this one and knew I wanted it for my knitting kit.

Recently I have been knitting a lot of converse sneaker slippers and in the last step you have to pin the soles to the slipper and that is when I realized that I didn’t know where my pins were and I had to ask my 10 year old daughter to borrow hers. I saw the pins in this kit and knew I needed it. Not only are they long but the heads on them are a nice big ball so they don’t slip through my knitting stitches.

That is just one small item in this kit, there are safety pins and a needle threader, buttons, seam ripper, thimble, lots of thread that is nice and strong, measuring tape, 3.5mm crochet hook, pencil, scissors, needle holder with needles inside, 30 different sewing needles in various sizes, plastic darning needle, magnifying glass and of course the awesome pins. That is a ton of stuff to put in such a small case. My only complaint is that some of the items are a little hard to get out which can be a good or bad thing considering this is supposed to be a travel kit. That may change over time after I pull the items out a few times.

I’m very happy to add this sewing kit to my knitting items. I know that it will make my life a little bit easier which is good because I have a lot of knitting orders to complete before Christmas.

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1. Piero Lorenzo face mask is NOT recommended for sensitive skin/wounded skin.
2. Due to the strong absorption and pulling ability, you might feel a bit of pain when peeling it off.
3. Please apply face mask on nose/T-zone/Small facial area

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