Wolverine Men’s Belt


Super cool reversible belt. I got this for my husband because he has worn belts like these for as long as I have known him and his current one was getting very worn. He said this one is way nicer than any of the other ones he has had.

The sizing on this belt is accurate, my husband said it matched his current belt. The coolest thing about this belt is that it is reversible and not only is it reversible but the way it reverses makes it feel like a transfomer. I did a video of it for this review so that you can see it.

The metal holes seems well done, the leather is thicker than other belts I’ve seen before so that is a good thing. There is slight weak spot on the top of the buckle which I point out in the video but I don’t think it is a major issue. I like the worn look of the buckle and it works well with both the black and the brown side. The brown side is quite dark, it took a minute for my husband and I to realize it was brown but our house is pretty poorly lit. We got a size 46-48 and from the top of the buckle to the end of the belt it is 54″ long.

My husband is quite happy with this belt. I will see how it holds up over time but as of right now I (he) has no complaints.

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Wolverine Men’s Leather Grommet Reversible Belt Black to Brown

This Wolverine Men’s Grommet Reversible Belt Has a Double Roller Buckle. Great for everyday use.
This Wolverine belt is available in sizes 32-52.
This is a Wolverine work collection belt that has state of the art fibers that twist and turn with your every move, providing increased range of motion.
There is no holding back when Wolverine flex is on your side.
Strong Quality ensures that this belt will be the last belt you’ll have to buy. Wolverine is made to last.
To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, We extend a Free 1 Year Warranty.
It is recommended you order one size up from your pants size.

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