Zinsoko Light Up Bluetooth Speaker

I have reviewed quite a few bluetooth speakers and I’ve even reviewed one that lights up similar to this one before but it had nothing on this Zinsoko light up speaker. I got this to give to my neighbors because they are awesome people but also because they listen to good music and when they’re outside I enjoy hearing it at my house. 🙂

This is a super loud [amazon text=speaker&asin=B01F1XK7US], impressively loud. It is one thing to be a loud but it is another thing to be loud and still sound good and this speaker accomplishes that. When all the way up the bass is not tinny at all and the sound is crystal clear and it didn’t seem to matter what type of music was played on it or at what volume it all sounded good.

We tested this a lot when my neighbors recently painted their house themselves. They used this pretty much every day while painting (hence the white stripe of paint on it) and a couple of use came over to help paint as well and got to enjoy the [amazon text=speaker&asin=B01F1XK7US].

The lights are very cool and do move with the music. You can turn the lights off with a button on top but really why would you want to? You can also change the way lights are displayed and I apologize for not including that on the video part of my review. What I did include is the sound quality and hopefully that comes through because ultimately this is a [amazon text=speaker&asin=B01F1XK7US] and the main objective is that it sounds good.

I’m super impressed with this [amazon text=speaker&asin=B01F1XK7US] and that is after testing many of them, they are not all equal that is for sure. My neighbors told me to make sure and say how great this [amazon text=speaker&asin=B01F1XK7US] is so I hope I am doing it justice for them. They are under strict orders to let me know if any issues arise with this and if they do I will update my review but for now I’m pretty much the best neighbor ever. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01F1XK7US]

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