Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera

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There is a lot to this flying camera from Yuneec and the more we learn the more impressed we are

There is so much to cover when reviewing this flying camera that this review is going to seem rather long winded, please bear with me and if you have any questions or comments watch the video part of the review or leave them here and my husband and I will try our best to answer them. 

Let’s start with the packaging. It is very impressive, if you are giving this is a gift the lucky recipient will be very impressed, if it is for yourself I will assume that you will be rather impressed as well. This does come with a case to hold everything and this is possibly the only negative that we have about this [amazon text=flying camera&asin=B01LANE77M] is that the case does not have room for the battery charger and a handle wouldn’t have hurt either. That is all the negatives you are going to hear from me, now onto a lot of positives.

This unit includes the case, the drone, 2 batteries that last approximately 12 minutes each, blade guards that attach very easily, extra blades and screws, battery charger and cord, USB cord to upload images and video onto a computer, detailed and very helpful instructions and a partridge in a pear tree. 🙂 If you’re wondering about landing gears, they actually fold out from the bottom which is a nice feature. 

You will hear my husband mention a couple times in the video part of this review that is important to read the instruction, this is not just because there are a lot of important warnings but it is also because this does so much you might miss out on some of its amazing features if you don’t read up on them. 

This is not your standard quadcopter, this is truly meant for capturing arial photos and videos. This has the option to shoot in 4K, 1080 and 720 and there are additional settings in some of those that allow you to tweak your image definition even more. Not only that but unlike a lot of less expensive drones you can adjust the camera angle on this while it is flying and since you see everything on your phone in real time you can adjust it to make sure you are getting the image you want, no guess work at all. 

There is no controller included with this and that is because you control it from your smartphone or tablet. The first thing you need to do is download the app. You find this by either going into the apple store or google play store (depending on your device) and search for “Breeze Cam” this is the app you will need to pilot your breeze. Once you have the app you will be able to connect to the [amazon text=Breeze&asin=B01LANE77M] via wifi. This camera drone emits its own wifi signal and it actually has a very impress distance. When connecting to wifi you will see the wifi signal named, “Breeze_xxxxxx”, (you can change this later after it is connected). You will need a password which you will find in your instructions but just in case you lost them the default password is 1234567890.

My husband tested this out most recently at my parent’s house, a place I lived at most of my life and because of the height the [amazon text=Breeze&asin=B01LANE77M] could fly at I was able to see my childhood home in ways I never knew existed. They are on 15 acres and you could see all of it and beyond. It was a very windy day there as you will see in the clip of their wind spinner going like crazy and still we were able to get steady photos and video. Be aware that there is no sound with this camera which is fine because when you have sound with a drone it just sounds like propellers spinning anyway. 

There are 5 modes in the app you can use for flying and taking photos. I show examples of each in the video part of my review. 

Pilot mode: This is basically flying around like your standard quadcopter. 

Selfie mode: Basically what it says, the quadcopter will hover in front of you to take photos and/or video, no more having to have someone sit out while taking a family photo no matter how big your family is. 

Orbit mode: The [amazon text=Breeze&asin=B01LANE77M] will start at one point and then film in a 360 degree circle around you, you can even reverse directions so that it goes the opposite way too. 

Journey mode: You can set a predetermined starting and stoping distance as well as a height and the camera will hover at the starting distance than fly backward to the stopping distance then back to the starting point filming you the whole time.

Follow me mode: Since my husband is a skateboarder I can see him using this one the most. You can go to the image that the breeze is picking up on the app, pinch a square around the image you want the [amazon text=Breeze&asin=B01LANE77M] to follow and it will follow you, this is a very cool feature. 

Other interesting things to note: 

There is a home option where if you are flying the [amazon text=Breeze&asin=B01LANE77M] and, lets say it tells you your battery is getting low (it does that too by the way) you can have it come home, it will come to you at a predetermined height and slowly land on the ground. We didn’t realize at first that it was set at 20′ so the first time we tried this it would come close to us and then shoot into the air before landing so if that happens to you that is why. 

You can also change the heading on this by pushing a button, this makes it easier to fly the [amazon text=Breeze&asin=B01LANE77M] without having to work the controls in reverse. 

I’m sure I’m missing other points but those are the basics, I feel like it could take a while longer to really learn how to use this to its true potential. It is easier to fly than most quadcopters especially ones that are strictly app controlled, the videos and photos it produces are impressive to say the least and whether you’re a photo enthusiast or a quadcopter/drone enthusiast or just someone who likes gadgets I have a hard time believing that you would be disappointed with this. I could see this being a fantastic tool for realtors, photographers, extreme sports fanatics, really the possibilities are endless. This is officially a very impressive product. 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01LANE77M]

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