Wooly Fresh Wool Dryer Balls

I seriously had my doubts that these dryer balls would work, I’ve been using fabric softener or dryer sheets for all my laundry doing life and I thought there was no way my clothes and especially my towels would be soft and static free without it, I was wrong, these are great!

I have heard of people using tennis balls in their dryer but sounds stinky to me and since I’m a knitter I had heard of people who make these but really don’t know much about them. Admittedly I still have no idea how they work, I just know that they do.

I did a load of laundry with some towels, my daughter’s gymnastic leotard, some polyester stuff (because that gets staticky), jeans and pretty much anything else you could think of so I had a nice mix in the laundry. I have a super capacity washer so I do huge loads of laundry at a time. I put these [amazon text=dryer balls&asin=B01FRB18MA]┬áin the dryer which is hard for me because I typically only line dry when it is nice out. It was equally hard not to put fabric softener in the washer by the way. You will hear these bouncing around in the dryer but its not too loud because they are fairly soft and somewhat squishy. I went down when my load was done and couldn’t believe how soft everything else. Then I read that you could add essential oils to them (info on this is included in the instructions) so I added grapefruit oil thinking there was no way that was going to work and put clothes in the washer while that was soaking in, put the balls back in the dryer for 10 minutes more and everything came out smelling like grapefruit.

I’m officially a believer of the [amazon text=dryer ball&asin=B01FRB18MA], I’ve already told my neighbors about them and how they have to start using them. I truly can not believe these worked as well as they did, amazing!

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