Timemory Women’s Cheshire Cat Leggings


I am giving these Cheshire Cat leggings a 5 star review on Amazon based on the fact that not only did my daughter love these while we were reviewing them she got up the next day and wore them to school and got together a whole outfit based around them. I even asked her when she got home if anyone said anything about them and she said everyone liked them.

She did get two leggings from this company, these [amazon text=Cheshire Cat&asin=B019JQ66QC] ones and a [amazon text=Star Wars pair&asin=B01AM0GXTO], we both liked this pair better. These were actually a little big on her, she generally wears a size XS or Small in women’s or 12-14 in girls sizes depending on the brand and cut.

I really liked that this print is on both the front and back of these and I really liked the contrast of the bright pink against the black it is a really sharp look. Not only that but it’s the cheshire cat and he’s the coolest.

Again, my daughter absolutely loves these [amazon text=leggings&asin=B019JQ66QC] and since she wore them today I haven’t had a chance to wash them yet but if I have any issues with them I will be sure to update this review. For now they’re super cool tights that she says are very comfortable.


If you’re not a fan of the Cheshire cat there are lots of other characters and styles on this listing including:

Adventure Time

Nightmare Before Christmas


City Skyline



Iron Man





Dr. Who

And many, many more

I also should add that if you have a kid that you are thinking of getting these for the other good thing is that when they spill their drink on them at dinner it wicks right off, we discovered that tonight while eating out. 🙂 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B019JQ66QC]

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