Timemory Long Sleeve Steampunk Leotard

I know this steampunk inspired body suit is listed a swimsuit but I would not consider it one mainly because it has a metal zipper, it’s coated but still doesn’t seem like something you would want in the water all the time.

That being said what we did get it for is for my daughter to wear as a [amazon text=leotard&asin=B01DPA4WDM] for gymnastics and it is perfect for that and about 1/2 the cost of a standard leotard.

We got print #25 which I have now been referring to as her steampunk [amazon text=leotard&asin=B01DPA4WDM] and it is awesome in person. My daughter wore it to gymnastics last week and she was the coolest dressed kid on the floor. The zipper didn’t bother her at all and she did all events at practice and she said it wasn’t overly hot despite the fact that it has long sleeves and a high neck.  If you don’t like this print it comes in a wide variety of other prints including abstract, galaxy, star wars, skeletons, patriotic, plaid, Bambi, and famous works of art to name a few. There are actually 35 different prints to choose from including the one I reviewed. 

The colors on ours and muted but since I have other products from this company I know that some of their prints can be very vivid. Be aware that this fabric is the type that can snag easily so if you are going to wear it for some things there is a possibility that might happen. I washed this and had no issues with it shrinking at all. My daughter typically wears a size 14 girls or XS/S women’s and there is still room to spare but I would think it wouldn’t fit much larger than a women’s medium.

No matter what my daughter loves her new [amazon text=leotard&asin=B01DPA4WDM], I love it on her and she wants to get more for gymnastics practice.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01DPA4WDM]

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  1. M2M says:

    Cute leotard. She can wear it with short or jeans as ootd!

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