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Dandelion Wish Necklace

I wanted this dandelion necklace for two reasons, (1) I have kids and they absolutely love blowing the dandelion seeds off the “flowers” so this reminds me of them and (2) I remember my mother having...


Parati Crystal Owl Necklace

  Owls are very popular right now, just like they were in the 70’s and for good reason, they’re beautiful. This [amazon text=owl necklace&asin=B016SX86QC] has a great vintage look while sparkling like crazy. This will certainly...


Qianse Rose Gold Mom Necklace

  I love that this necklace is both rose gold and silver. Rose gold is a beautiful finish no matter what it is on and I like that [amazon text=this necklace&asin=B015XJHQ36] combines both rose gold and...