Syma X51 Spaceship Quadcopter

I have bought, reviewed and tested what feels like hundreds of quadcopters now (it’s actually more like 20 but it feels like hundreds). I’ve found that they are all different but that Syma makes some of the best.

My husband is the [amazon text=quadcopter&asin=B01BN2HX80] aficionado here, he loves them. I showed him this one and he really wanted to try it out because of its unique design. And, this is definitely a unique design. You would think with the wings close together in the front like they are that they would make the unit less stable but my husband said that it flies very well and very similar to a standard quadcopter.

This is definitely a zippy [amazon text=quadcopter&asin=B01BN2HX80] too, that is why my video is all over the place, these are actually quite hard to film. There are 2 batteries included and the both come fully charged. The charge seems to last a around 5 minutes which honestly is less than a typical quadcopter battery, they usually last around 15 minutes before they need to be charged so although it includes 2 they actually are the equivalent to 1.  As usual it is advisable to go ahead and purchase [amazon text=extra batteries&asin=B00RZ1G3NU] because you are going to love flying this and get very angry when 5 minutes of fly times leads to 1 hour of charge time. 🙂 

All the other standard quadcopter accessories are included; extra blades, small screwdriver, charging cord and this one includes a tool to change the blades. I asked my husband if it was required to change the blades but he didn’t think so which is good because something that small will get lost in a heartbeat in this house.

This [amazon text=quadcopter&asin=B01BN2HX80] also includes a USB port on the charger. I had to ask the seller what that is for because it isn’t really mentioned in the instructions and it is for charging the [amazon text=quadcopter&asin=B01BN2HX80] with the batteries in the remote. Personally I think this idea is kind of silly but to each his own I suppose.

This is a small unit, it is approximately 7″L x 6″W at the widest and 3″ at the front. In my video review my husband states that this would be good for a beginner flier which is kind of true but be careful. Right after we finished filming my husband was trying to land this in his hand, something he does a lot, and the blade hit his nose and scratched it pretty good. That being said keep an eye on your kids (and husbands) when they’re flying these because you never know, even though they have guards they aren’t foolproof.

Overall, this is zippy, pretty easy to fly, compact and a fun little [amazon text=quadcopter&asin=B01BN2HX80] with a really unique design.

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