SUPTECH Solar Outdoor Fairy Lights


These [amazon text=solar fairy lights &asin=B010SSD81G] are super cool. I got the blue color ones but I had a really hard time deciding on which color I wanted. I like the fact that they kind of remind me of the old vintage bubble lights but with a modern twist.

The bulbs have a plastic or acrylic drop shape around them that look like it has bubbles in it. They are 3″ long and really quite beautiful. I also really like the fact that these are solar. My husband and I are one of those families that likes to add to our Christmas lights every year in the hopes that some day we have the house on National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We even decorate our dog house and these lights are perfect for that because we won’t have to run an extension cord out to it and they aren’t super huge so the suit the size of a dog house. Of course they might end up on something in the front yard instead because they are almost too cool to hide in the back yard. 🙂

If I have any issues with these once winter hits I will update my review but so far I’m super impressed and can’t wait to decorate with these.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B010SSD81G]

[amazon asin=B010SSD81G&template=iframe image center]


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