Sunwee Sensor Light

I have [amazon text=another light &asin=B00LAZKJVE] similar to this Sunwee sensor light that I love so I thought I would give this one a try because I needed one for my bathroom counter. This particular sensor light has its good points and its bad points.

This light is very bright, I do believe it is brighter than my other one. This is partly because it is so long. I love that it is as bright as it is because I have a very old bathroom with pull string scones for lights and I also have a 4 year old little boy who needs to go to the bathroom at night. Now all he has to do is walk past this light and he can see what he is doing. Anyone with a little boy knows how important this is.

If you currently do not have under-cabinet lighting you will be amazed at how much better it makes your space look. I was an interior designer and lighting is incredibly important and ambient lighting is just as important in a space as direct lighting aesthetically .

I both like and dislike the hardware to install this [amazon text=sensor light&asin=B017LP9R1Y]. My other light used 3M tape and a magnetic strip to install which made it incredibly easy and it is also easy to take off to use as a flashlight and then reinstall. This one uses brackets that screw in. This is good for me because it is my bathroom which has a lot of moisture so I have a feeling this install will last longer than tape would in there. You can still snap this off and use it for a flashlight but it is not as easy as my other one.

The biggest negative for this sensor light is that the battery compartment will not open up unless you take out the two tiny screws on the end. This is not a huge deal but it shouldn’t have to come to that. You should just be able to slide the compartment open to install the (6) AAA batteries that are not included. That is a lot of batteries by the way but it is understandable for the size and the brightness of this light. My other one is only 3/4 the length of this one and that takes (4) AAA batteries.

So far, no matter the battery issue this is working great in my space and my husband and I are thrilled with our updated [amazon text=lighting&asin=B017LP9R1Y] in our bathroom.

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