Sunhiker Waist (Fanny) Pack


I love this. I thought at first that I wasn’t interested in it but then I realized it would be perfect for my daily walks with my son. I do hike but typically when we camp so I have my [amazon text=hiking backpack &chan=mwlr affiliate id&asin=B00YWZ59K0] for that but I do take a daily 1+ mile walk with my family or at least my son daily (weather permitting). When he was in his stroller it was easy because I had a place to put my water bottle and a place to put my phone if I didn’t have pockets but since he is older I no longer have that option. I saw this and thought it was a perfect solution; I was right.

The kids and I went for a 3 mile+ walk today and I was able to put my water bottle in the holder and bring along some band aids and put my phone in this and still had a ton of room for other things. This would be a great item to carry if you are going to a park or to a flea market or yard sales. It is so much more than a [amazon text=hiking belt&chan=mwlr affiliate id&asin=B00ONQLN8K].

The back of this is stiff which worked out well for me because the belt allowed my back a little more support which I need because I have very bad scoliosis. The strap adjusts to just over 40″ long (so they easily fit me) and decreases all the way down to 20″ in case I want to make my 3 year old carry everything. 🙂

The video review I have provided shows all the pockets (there’s a lot) and the other features on this product but I couldn’t be happier with it.

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