Sleep Innovations Foam Bed Bridge

We have two twin XL adjustable memory foam mattresses that are together to make a king bed, this is pretty standard for memory foam. We’ve had these for years but we finally had enough of the crack that was created where the two mattresses meet so my husband did some research and came across some products to solve our problem and this was one of them.

This [amazon text=foam bed bridge&asin=B0053WHBSO] is a pretty simple solution and in general it works but it does still sag a little in the middle so I took an extra sheet and folded it up under this and it works perfectly, you can barely tell that it is there. I would highly recommend getting the other product we used with this which was a strap that goes all the way around the outside of the mattresses to hold them together. Once you add the [amazon text=strap&asin=B01EVZXWRW] and a [amazon text=King size mattress pad&asin=B0038ITB5Q] you would pretty much never know there were two separate mattresses under there.

So, it is not perfect but with a slight modification and a couple of extra products you too can have a bed that is crack free. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B0053WHBSO]

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