SkyGenius 720P HD Wireless CCTV Camera/ Baby Monitor


We have an had an [amazon text=Ibaby&asin=B00N0OKGBG] monitor since my son was born (almost 4 years now) and I have to say that this [amazon text=camera&asin=B014FCAU2G] is a million times better than that monitor and I believe it is less expensive as well.

I will admit that my husband is the one who wanted this and is the one who set this up so I had him help me with the video part of the review where we explain basic setup information as well as show you the picture on our computer and our phone.

When we first got the [amazon text=Ibaby monitor&asin=B00N0OKGBG] we couldn’t use it on Android which is a pain because I use droid and my husband has an Iphone but this one works on both; you just have to download the app and register it. Once registered you can move the camera with your phone (or desktop) and you can even adjust the picture as far as brightness and contrast, etc. The picture on this is fantastic, it is much better than our Ibaby. You can also add multiple cameras to the app so if you have them in different rooms you can look at them all from 1 screen. The best thing about this [amazon text=camera&asin=B014FCAU2G] is that it has a two way intercom, I wish that our Ibaby had this. I remember nights when my son would wake up in the middle of the night or was misbehaving before going to sleep and I wish I had had the ability to tell him either it would be ok or to quit being bad and go to sleep and you can do that with this camera.

You can take snapshots and video with this. This is where my only complaint comes in, the photos are uploaded to a cloud and from what we can tell those photos are eventually wiped out but we checked the ip address of the cloud and it is somewhere in Florida (we are in NY). May not seem like a big deal at first but this has an option on it to take a picture when it senses motion and let’s say that you are walking around in your underwear or less; you’re going to want to know where those photos are. 🙂

Otherwise we are more than thrilled with this [amazon text=camera&asin=B014FCAU2G]. This is the perfect gift for any new parent or if you have a pet you want to keep an eye on or whatever else you can think of.

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