Shark Week Pillow Pet

Pillow pets have certainly evolved and this new one for Shark Week is no exception.

My daughter had two pillow pets including the new one that smells like [amazon text=chocolate chip cookies&asin=B01ATV5P18] (its amazing) and my son didn’t have any, until now. I showed him the various pillow pets and thought for sure he would want a paw patrol one or one of the new scented ones like his sister but he said he wanted the [amazon text=shark&asin=B01G64A82S] one, I don’t know why, maybe because there wan’t a dinosaur one, but that’s the one we got.

This is a big pillow pet meaning that it doesn’t flatten out when you unhook what I call “the belt” that runs under its belly. It gets a little wider when its unhooked but not much of a difference. This doesn’t bother me or more importantly my son, because it is a super soft and fluffy pillow that he has been cuddling with since it arrived.  Like all pillow pets one of the features that I like when it comes to “the belt” is the cover for the Velcro so that stuff doesn’t get stuck in there making it so the two Velcro sides won’t connect anymore. Not only is this flap on there it automatically covers the Velcro because, if you have kids you know they won’t do that themselves. 

I don’t remember my daughter’s unicorn pillow pet that we got years ago being as soft as the new ones. The most recent two I received are super soft like chinchilla fur.

This [amazon text=shark&asin=B01G64A82S] is pretty cute. He has an official “shark week” logo on his belly too.

My son is thrilled with his new [amazon text=shark pillow pet&asin=B01G64A82S], I’m pretty impressed with it too. Now I just have to keep him from tying to put it in the water because he seems to think this is something we need to do. 🙂

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