SAMYO Aromatherapy Essential Oils Necklace


This is my second aromatherapy necklace, I’m a big fan of them and their benefits, especially since it is allergy season for me.

I was worried at first that the holes in this [amazon text=necklace&asin=B01B1969BM] were going to be too small. There are so small that you really have a hard time seeing the colored pads that go inside through them (these are what you put your oil on) and I didn’t think that the smell would be very noticeable but I was wrong. I’m currently wearing it while I type and I can smell it perfectly.

This is a good length [amazon text=necklace&asin=B01B1969BM] for its purpose. If they are too short they are too close to your nose and and that isn’t a good thing, too far away and you can’t smell them as much as you would like.

I think the chain on this doesn’t suit the [amazon text=necklace&asin=B01B1969BM] very well, it is a little too big and clunky for such a delicate pattern and smaller pendant (1″) but that is my personal opinion. I also found that this one was a little bit harder to open than my other one.

The pads that are included are quite absorbent. I currently have eucalyptus oil in mine (for my allergies) and I put 3 drops on and that seems to be a perfect amount. My other favorite oil to use is grapefruit, it makes me happy. 🙂

If you are looking for a simple [amazon text=aromatherapy necklace&asin=B01B1969BM] this is a very nice one and does the job. Also the way they send it in a box with a little bow so it is all set to give as a gift so it would make a great mother’s day or birthday present for anyone who likes essential oils.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01B1969BM]


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