Rimable Folding Scooter Updated Model

Rimable does it again! I had reviewed the older model of thisĀ [amazon text=scooter&chan=mwlr affiliate id&asin=B014AKGXHE] a while ago and loved it because both my kids (3 and 10) could ride it. This updated version is even better than the last.

First, this is a very cool looking scooter. I got the black color so that both of my kids could use it and I didn’t have to worry about them not wanting to ride it because it wasn’t their favorite color. When the adjustable handle is all the way down it is perfect for my 3 year old (he is very tall for his age, he has to wear 5T clothes) when the handle is all the way up it is perfect for my 10 year old daughter (also tall for her age).

The best thing about this scooter is that it folds up for easy storage and transport. We take ours with us camping so that kids can ride it around and this scooter folds up so much easier than the older model. My daughter demonstrates how to do it in my video review.

When you add all of this to the fact that the wheels light up when you ride this it makes it a scooter that any kids would be super excited to get!

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[amazon asin=B014AKGXHE&template=iframe image&chan=mwlr affiliate id]

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