QUNQI Star VR Glasses

I actually got two different pairs of VR glasses from two different companies at the same time and this pair from QUNQI Star were far superior to the [amazon text=other ones&asin=B01DLXV15U] but I still had an issue with selecting thing while in the app. The other pair that I tested came with a remote which I know is an option with this set and it did help a little, we actually used that remote with this pair and it made things easier so I would suggest purchasing a [amazon text=bluetooth VR remote&asin=B0116GL3YS], otherwise I’m still confused on how you select things with this set without opening it up and actually touching the phone.

This set of [amazon text=VR glasses&asin=B01DDK9RXO] are very comfortable to wear, there is a lot of very soft padding made with a breathable material that rests on your face, this is important. The straps are adjustable but what really helps is the triangle piece of material in the back, this makes them more comfortable when wearing for a longer period and lets face it you’re going to be wearing these for a while, especially when you first try them.

These are easy to adjust and there is plenty of room for your nose (the other set smushed my husband’s nose when he focused them). There is a “door” on the front that we are still trying to figure out what it is for, our best guess is that it is there so you can adjust your phone easily while wearing them which is a nice feature; it doesn’t mention it in the instructions. There are even slots so you can plug in headphones and completely tune out the world. 🙂

Overall, a very nice, comfortable set of [amazon text=VR glasses&asin=B01DDK9RXO].

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01DDK9RXO]

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