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These are the best of the best of the products I have reviewed on Amazon, meaning these are all 4 and 5 star products. Not all of my reviews are ranked this high, if you would like to see all the items I have reviewed including some that did not favor as well visit My Amazon Reviews. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks for visiting my blog!


SWHITE Single Pearl Necklace

I love a good pearl necklace.  I especially love big round pearls, they remind me of a vintage look that I adore and also Marge Simpson and Wilma Flinstone. 🙂 I already have a pearl necklace...


Hughapy Adult Mermaid Blanket

I got this mermaid blanket for my daughter, she had been bugging me for one but I’m a knitter not a crocheter and this would have taken me FOREVER to knit so when the opportunity came...


Blueberry Pet Adjustable Dog Harness

I’ve had a couple of dogs that use a harness now and we recently got a new puppy so she needed a harness because she’s a russell mix so, she’s a tugger. This [amazon text=harness&asin=B01C8I9VZG] by...


EpochAir Bicycle (Bike) Pizza Cutter

I’ve seen these bicycle pizza cutters around on various websites for a while now and thought they were very clever. Since I like whimsical things in my kitchen of course I had to have it. We...


QUNQI Star VR Glasses

I actually got two different pairs of VR glasses from two different companies at the same time and this pair from QUNQI Star were far superior to the [amazon text=other ones&asin=B01DLXV15U] but I still had an...