Oceankids Boys Elastic Waist Pants

I admittedly ordered these Oceankids Pants a size larger than my son currently wears. This is partly because he is a giant and I never know if pants are going to be long enough for him but also because my kids always grow like crazy in the summer and I figured since these had tighter cuffs at the bottom I could roll them up until they fit him properly.

First, I got the [amazon text=%22green%22 pair&asin=B01CP0UQ88] and I love the color of them. They’re more towards a light blue green than just a green. Its a great color that will go with a lot in his closet but they are still unique. These also come in a dark blue if you don’t like the color I have. ┬áSecond, they are super soft which if you have a toddler you know it is a must, even the slightest itch and it’s all you will hear all day.

These are certainly long enough for Anakin and even though the drawstring isn’t a functioning one they still stayed up on him without issue, I didn’t even see the dreaded toddler tush crack all day. ­čÖé I know in my video review that I said that I would add measurements but since they are currently in the wash I will have to add that later. I can say that my son currently wears a size 5 or 5T depending on the fit and I ordered these in a 6-7. My son is only 4 but built like a 7 year old so I would say these are pretty much on the money with US sizing.

I personally thought the pockets looked a little weird on them, this could be because they are still a little big on him and maybe when they fit him properly they will look a little better but they are certainly big enough to hold all of the gross things that little boys like to put in their pockets. :-0 I did like the weathered look to to the pockets and the tag on the front and these had really nice stitching, they certainly don’t feel cheaply made.

The true test is whether my son likes them. Even though he is only 4 he gets himself dressed and I let him pick out his clothes and he loves stretchy pants (as you will see from his stretchy pant collection behind him in the video) and he seems to really like these [amazon text=pants&asin=B01CP0UQ88] and that’s all that matters.

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