Nitro Circus Coming to Rochester NY!

There is the possibility if I can fit it into our crazy summer schedule that the family and I will have the chance to travel a little and see Nitro Circus! Since my husband is a skateboarder and we are big X games fans this would be an awesome opportunity for us. 

For anyone in the Rochester area here is a little information about their upcoming show: 

Nitro Circus Live – Rochester And other places too but I can only afford to travel to Rochester 🙂

Friday, August 18th at the Frontier Field! Show starts at 7 pm. See their website if you’re not in the Rochester NY area and want to go to a different show

Nitro Circus Live is the greatest action sports tour on the planet! This is a very true statement

Featuring 30 of the World’s best athletes in Freestyle Motocross, BMX and skate! Plus insane contraptions launched from the 40-foot high Nitro Gigant-A-Ramp! We’re stoked 🙂 

Nitro Circus Live is a 2 hour, fully choreographed, theatrical spectacular that will leave you on the edge of your seat. I have no doubt that this is also a very true statement

So here is hoping that I can arrange it so that our family will be able to attend this awesome event. I also hope that if you’re in the area your family will be able to attend as well!


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