Metric USA Travel Slippers

When these slippers arrived I looked at them before I opened them and thought, “no way, these are going to be awful”. It wasn’t until I tried them on that I made up my mind, these are WAY better than I had anticipated.

These [amazon text=slippers&asin=B01CNGEOIW] are so light and so thin and they fell like they are not going to be comfortable and then you notice the padded portion for the arch support. The best way I can describe the thickness of them is they are a couple steps up in thickness than the pairs they give you after you’ve had a pedicure. They fold up to almost nothing and so they will easily fit in your luggage or even your purse.

I’m not sure if the ridged pattern has a purpose or if it is just a design aesthetic but I dig it. Not only do these [amazon text=slippers&asin=B01CNGEOIW] provide arch support the bottoms have little round grippers and they almost suction to the floor, I don’t know for how long, I suppose it depends on how clean your house is but for now it was so noticeable that you can actually hear it on my video review. I consider this a good thing.

I pictured myself mostly using these for when we travel and need to stay in a hotel because it kind of grosses me out to step on hotel carpet or when we are camping and I need something that doesn’t take up a lot of space in the camper and I can slip on quickly when needed. Also should I ever have the great fortune again to get a pedicure I will take these instead of those flimsy ones they give you.

I found the length and width on these to be dead on with my shoe size (9-9.5), they fit my feet perfectly. My only complaint is that the part that wraps around your big toe is a little tight for me. I believe after wearing them for a little bit of time they are going to stretch out but time will tell.

I have no idea how well these [amazon text=slippers&asin=B01CNGEOIW] will hold up over time but if I have any issues I will update my review. So far I am surprisingly impressed with what I thought were going to be a crappy pair of thin slippers. :- )

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01CNGEOIW]

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