Lucky Leaf Retro Yellow Kid’s Sunglasses


I know that these retro yellow sunglasses are listed as kid’s glasses but really they are for anyone with a smaller head, and by kids these are for older kids not toddlers, they are too big for toddlers.

I got these [amazon text=funky glasses&asin=B01DTYQRGO] for my daughter (she’s 10) even though admittedly I wanted them for myself but I think they are actually going to my neighbor because she saw them and fell in love with them. She actually has a hard time finding glasses she likes because she has a smaller face and these fit her perfectly. They fit my daughter very well too but she was kind enough to agree that my neighbor could have them. I’m guessing she agreed to this so she could keep wearing my sunglasses because just like her mom she loves giant vintage sunglasses.

These are polarized and the lenses are not super dark. The yellow on them has sort of a silicone or rubber feel to it which is actually a very smart product for use for [amazon text=sunglasses&asin=B01DTYQRGO], it’s almost like having them in a cellphone case. They include a hard case, soft cinch case, microfiber cloth and a keychain screwdriver tool (with both a philips and flat head screwdriver on it), oh and [amazon text=sunglasses&asin=B01DTYQRGO]too.

I said in my video review that I would include dimensions because that helps a lot. The lenses on these are 1.75″ at their widest and highest. The nosepiece is .5″W, the bows are 5.25 at their longest. The ends of the bows have the same silicone feel on them so that they are comfortable when resting on your ears. These are fairly lightweight [amazon text=sunglasses&asin=B01DTYQRGO] as well but certainly not the lightest sunglasses I’ve ever felt.

Above all things these are unique, bright colored and will certainly stand out in a crowd. They are so cool that my adult neighbor decided to take them from my 10 year old daughter. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01DTYQRGO]

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