Jushee Women’s Stiletto High Heels (Nude Finish)


I have to admit that I am not a heel person; I used to be but then I had kids and my scoliosis and sciatica got worse and I find that most heels are very uncomfortable for me. I am happy to say that is not the case with these. I actually used to see woman who would wear heels like these all day and wonder how they did it, turns out the better the shoe is made the more comfortable they are, go figure.

I was told by the seller that these are hand tailored shoes and made to the measurements of you feet. This means do not order your typical size; check their size chart and make sure you order correctly. For instance I typically wear a US 9 or 9-1/2 shoe but I had to order a size 11 for this shoe. I have a feeling I probably could have gone down a half a size but since these are [amazon text=heels&asin=B00Y8BR9QA] I tend to go up a half size because typically my feet swell in heels because of my back issues.

I received the nude finished heel. Even with the pointed toe these are comfortable, they didn’t squeeze my toes at all which is a big thing for me because I have other pointed toe shoes and they squeeze my toes horribly. You can see the stitching on these and you can tell the attention to detail.

I have included a video which I hope is helpful. I know it is hard when you are buying shoes online so my best advice is to measure your feet and then measure them again and double check the Jushee & Jusity size chart to make sure you order correctly and you won’t regret it.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00Y8BR9QA]

[amazon asin=B00Y8BR9QA&template=iframe image center]

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