Jumphigh Sit or Stand Scooter Review

I like this scooter and the concept of this scooter but there are a couple of issues with it.

It seems very sturdy
I like that it is a [amazon text=sit or stand scooter&asin=B0183CYKY8] which makes it unique
The front wheels light up which makes the cool factor higher
The break works well and seems easy to use
It is adjustable so it will work for a variety of ages
The handles are grippy which is good especially for little hands
Assembly tool is included

It is not super easy to put the seat on. It would be nice if it was easier to convert this from sitting to standing, for example if it didn’t require tools. The seat comes unattached to the metal bar so you have to install that which is just a mater of unscrewing a plate and attaching it to the metal pole which snaps into the base. After you have the base attached there is a screw in the front that you have to get out but it doesn’t come out easily, I had to use a flat head screwdriver to pry it out. Once the screw is released you push it into the handle at the height you want and tighten it back up. It does push a little hard which is a good and bad thing because I don’t think it is going anywhere once installed.

The handle is a little hard to adjust but that might change over time the more it is used. When I say it is hard to adjust I mean that it is hard to move it up and down but not hard to use the hardware to keep it in position.

Mine had some marks on the handles and a small dent in the seat but that might be because it was sent to me directly from the company and it had to travel over seas to get here.

Overall, once you get the hang of it this is a really cool [amazon text=scooter&asin=B0183CYKY8]; I know my 4 year old was thrilled with it, however it’s not for him, it is for his cousin. 🙂 This does include an allen wrench with a screwdriver on the end which is the only tool you will need to convert it from sit to stand, a place to keep it on the scooter would have been a nice added feature. Also, the instructions are only in Chinese but there are pictures and it is pretty easy to put together even without the manual.

The most important part is that any little kid will be thrilled to have this and as far as scooters go it seems like it will hold up for quite a while depending on the kid. 🙂

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