Jumphigh Kids Scooter


I have to admit when I first got this and opened it up I wasn’t overly happy mainly because there was hardware in the bottom of the box just loosely hanging out in there but I’m wondering now if maybe they fell off in shipping?

At any rate I opened [amazon text=the scooter&asin=B017R1T37A] up and began to put it together. When you put this together there is a flat edge on the pole that goes into the bottom and you have to push very hard (and push in the red tab at the bottom) to install it and I couldn’t do it, it could be because I was afraid to do it but my husband was able to get installed. There is a sticker on the front of the scooter that says, “scooter” and that fell off while installing which is really no big deal at all.

As far as the loose hardware goes I had no clue how to install it and there was no information in the user’s manual; luckily my husband has installed this type of hardware before and knew how to do it. Also, the allen wrench to install this hardware was not included but luckily I have a lot of allen wrenches so that also wasn’t a big deal.

After all that was taken care of I could really see [amazon text=this scooter&asin=B017R1T37A] and it is pretty cool. Since this is not my only adjustable scooter I had to mentally compare it to the one my kids already have. The biggest positive difference is that the handles on this one adjust very smoothly, my kids had no issues doing it themselves once I showed them how. Also, on this one all of the wheels light up which is really cool, all the kids love that.

As far as how big [amazon text=this scooter&asin=B017R1T37A] is: At its tallest the handles are 32″ high from the platform where you put your feet. At its lowest it is 28″ and there is an adjustment in between there. The platform is 5.25″ at its widest and is 22.25″ long. The front wheels are 5″ diameter and the back wheels are 3″. ¬†This scooter says it is meant for ages 3+ but specifically the company says ages 3-17. It comes in blue, bright green and bright pink, for some reason bright green is more expensive.¬†

So far both my 4 year old (who is built like a 5 year old) and my 10 year old (who is built like a teenager) both were able to ride this without issue. No matter what the problems I had when I first got this both of my kids love it.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B017R1T37A]

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