IRULU Temp Sitter Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer


I’ve been testing this [amazon text=thermometer&asin=B015Z7J0EY] for a little while now and I see its good and bad points.

Obviously the theory behind this is fantastic. I am a mom of 2, my daughter is 10 and my son is 3 and every mom knows how poorly you sleep when you know your little one is sick and not right next to you. When my kids have a fever I will get up constantly durning the night and walk downstairs to check on them and take their temp. The good news is that I don’t have to do that anymore. When my kids have a fever I can now put this product under their armpit and check their temp on my phone (or my husband’s phone too since this is both Android and IOS compatible).

However, this product is not without its faults.

*I had a hard time finding the app at first. I was able to find it in the google store easier than find it for my iphone, I had to do an actual google search to find it for the iphone. There are QR codes on the back of the packaging and I don’t know if it was my phone or what but I couldn’t get them to scan.

*I tried to use this on my Ipad (I have an Ipad 2 so it’s pretty old) and the bluetooth wasn’t supported

*I couldn’t register properly at first but I think I figured this out. I didn’t realize that you have to verify your email address through a link in order to properly register, I thought you just had to submit your information.

*You can only use this with one device at a time so if my husband is checking the temp I need to make sure he is disconnected if I want to check it with my phone

*The app crashes on IOS when you go to check the battery- I asked the seller and we realized that this is because of the latest IOS update and they are working on fixing this

*Once the battery is dead that’s it, there is no way to charge it or change it. I asked the seller about this and they said the battery uses very little power so it should last a very long time

That seems like a lot of issues but really in the long run it’s not that bad. What you’re getting here is peace of mind and rest. This product definitely has it’s good points as well.

*It’s compact at 2.5″ x 1.5″ so I can use it on myself or either of my kids

*The stickers hold it in place very well and you get quite a few of them. There are 10 included but once you run out I’m not sure what you do, I would think medical tape would do the job

*It keeps track of your child’s temp on a graph that you can easily view on the app

*You don’t have to worry about waking up your child to take their temperature to check on them- THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!!!

I can say that last year my daughter had to have an emergency appendectomy and before we knew what was wrong she was very sick and I did everything to take care of her but I wanted to constantly check her temperature and keep an eye on her but I also didn’t want to wake her because I knew she needed rest to get better. This would have been a fantastic [amazon text=thermometer&asin=B015Z7J0EY] to have had at that time. Hopefully they will take care of the little issues with the app soon but the device itself is a wonderful addition to any family’s first aid kit.

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