The Inn At Turkey Hill, Bloomsburg, PA

My husband and I recently celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary at the Inn at Turkey Hill in Bloomsburg, PA.

Since our trip last year to a bed and breakfast, we have discovered a love at staying at places like this and wanted to try out a new one, and that is when I discovered the Inn at Turkey Hill.

I was drawn to their stable and deluxe rooms.  Unfortunately the king supreme room was already booked so we got one of the stable rooms. It seems silly because our anniversary is in July but I always want to book a room with a fireplace even though we never turn it on. I picked this room because of it’s home like atmosphere, fireplace and jetted tub.

I will admit that I was a little worried it would be loud due to its proximity to the road but it wasn’t bad at all. This is right off the highway and if you are planning on going to Knobles or in our case, Bills Old Bike Barn, it is super close but not your typical “Hotel” experience.

When we arrived we went to the main house to check in and we were greeted with a smile and handed our keys (actual keys not an electronic key card) and headed to our room. The stable rooms are the furthest from the main house and there is parking right outside the rooms. We went inside and it was nice and cool which was great because it was at least 90 degrees outside. We walked in and immediately noticed the gas fireplace and the seating next to it. My husband’s favorite part, oddly enough, was the “denim” comforter. There are subtle stable themed items everywhere, horseshoes here and there, horse pictures and other items reminiscent of stables but it was not tacky or overdone.

In the closet I found the hairdryer, kind of an odd place as I expected it in the bathroom but thought I would mention it in case anyone else is looking for it. 🙂 There is also an ironing board/ iron and some very comfy robes. Another hidden item was the microwave which we found hidden in the cabinet under the TV. The fridge is in the bathroom which I found a little odd but as long as the room had one I didn’t really care where it was.

Speaking of the bathroom, I need to mention the tub, or rather the TUB. This thing is huge. I felt like how my son must have felt when he was a baby in our standard tub, it is huge. If you plan on using the jets you are going to want to give yourself about 1/2 hour to fill it up enough to cover the jets so that they work properly. It is not that the water pressure is weak, it is that the tub is so big it takes a lot of water and a long time. Also the jets are a little loud so I really just enjoyed using it as a soaking tub, if only I had brought candles…

When you leave your room, despite the fact that it opens up to a nicely blacktopped parking lot, it still feels very much like a large home. We walked to the “courtyard” to see the gazebo and visit with the ducks. After asking the breakfast staff we were informed that the ducks are boys and they are only a couple months old and are still awaiting their official names. This would explain why they are a little shy around people. The ducks aren’t the only thing to look at in this area, there is a waterfall and the pond is full of fish. It was absolutely lovely. Also, you can’t forget the beautiful landscaping everywhere that added another homey touch.

Our first night we decided to eat at the brewery. I was wondering if this was going to be the place for us after reading some of the reviews online. GO HERE TO EAT! There were only 2 of us and we went shortly after they opened so we got right in however, when we were leaving, I heard a party of 5 be told it would be over an hour wait but another party of two was able to get right in. This makes sense because there are not a lot of bigger tables available (at least upstairs where we were). There are two levels, the upstairs where we ate and the downstairs which apparently is where bands play on certain nights. So if you have a larger party be aware that you may be waiting a while. We were told when we checked in that they don’t take reservations but I believe they to try to make an exception for people staying on the property.

As far as the food goes, I had the patty melt and it was juicy and yummy and was on some kind of garlic bread which is genius. My husband had a rueben quesadilla, who knew this even existed? The Inn supplied me with a complimentary coupon for one of their brews and we were able to get a sampler, which was a lot more samples than we expected but certainly the way to go. We were able to try 6 different beers (1 only tried 5 because one had a coffee flavor and I am not a coffee fan, that was my husband’s favorite though). So, if you’re staying at the Inn go to the brewery and have dinner and a drink, it’s only steps away from the stable rooms and so very yummy and the atmosphere was very nice.  On top of that if you try a beer you like get a can to take home, they actually pour it from the tap and top the can right in front of you, very impressive. 

The morning of day two we were able to try our first continental breakfast in the main house. I really thought this was going to be the standard “hotel breakfast” but boy was I wrong. There were waffles, scrambled eggs with pepper jack cheese, some of the best breakfast sausage I’ve ever had, breakfast pastries including danishes, and this really yummy banana frosted amazingness and super yummy fruit salad. But, it didn’t end there, in the next room was plain oatmeal and oatmeal with nuts, cereals, bagels, cream cheese, jelly, orange juice and water. When we left that room and turned the corner there was coffee, tea and hot cocoa. You can either eat outside at the tables or in the sunroom overlooking the gazebo. Seriously, it was an amazing way to start the day and hard to believe it was included with our room.

After breakfast we were off to the main destination of our trip, Bill’s Old Bike Barn. I will be doing a separate review on this but just a note, if you are in the area and you have a couple of hours go visit this amazing place. Even if you’re not a big motorcycle fan, there is something for everyone here, it was my husband’s second visit and he said he saw tons of things he didn’t see the first trip and I guess they are adding new items all the time.

After Bill’s we drove down the highway to the mall area for a quick lunch, I really wanted a salad so we went to Panera then went back and did something I never get to do since I stay at home with two kids; I took a nap, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!!

Our Amazing Anniversary Dinner

Once rested we went to our “fancy dinner” at the farmhouse. My husband was a little worried that he wouldn’t like the food here but I saw seafood on the menu and said we were going. You can make reservations on the Inn’s website but when we went it wasn’t super busy. Dinner is served in the same room as breakfast and when we arrived we noticed they had decorated our table for our anniversary.  It was very nice. There is a bar right outside the dining area (a very cool bar by the way) so if you want a drink with your meal they are happy to accommodate. Our meal started with lemon sorbet with a fancy little spoon, that was so refreshing. Then we had our main course, I had the herb chicken which was topped with large shrimp and crab meet and came with some of the yummiest potatoes ever. My husband had the vegetable ravioli and it was HUGE. He didn’t think he was going to be able to eat it all (and he’s a big guy) but he said it was so good he couldn’t stop. He liked the meal so much when we got home he tried to recreate it. 🙂 Needless to say when we left we were stuffed with our third delicious meal from The Inn At Turkey Hill. (Sorry I didn’t get a picture from the window room, I was trying not to be too weird) 

Our last day had come and we were on our way to have a big breakfast for our long drive home. We thought for sure it would be the same as the day before and some things were the same but some weren’t. There were grits with pepper jack cheese, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, and a different yummy sausage, this time it was chicken sausage with cranberries. The fruit salad was there again but unfortunately I did not act fast enough and missed out on the banana amazingness so I ended up with a yummy double chocolate muffin instead. There was even a different oatmeal which I loved- it was a pecan oatmeal and so yummy.

Overall this was an amazing trip and so much more than I expected. It doesn’t matter if you are a family on your way to Knobles or a couple spending some much needed time alone I have no doubt you won’t be disappointed. My only complaint is that they don’t have a duck cam so I watch the little guys from home. 🙂

Thank you to Turkey Hill for a great trip. Disclaimer: We were provided with a small gift card for dining and (2) complimentary coupons to try their custom brews. 

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