IncStores Gymnastic Mat

Consider this a warning, once you have this mat you will never see your floor without it again. 🙂 I swear that my daughter has been on this non stop since it arrived and not just to practice gymnastics, to sit on, to stretch on, to play on, to lie on; anything she can do on this mat she has, she’s obsessed.

I will say that we just got this recently so it is quite new but I was super impressed when it arrived. This is a very firm [amazon text=mat&asin=B00P1TBCDE] and 2″ is quite a bit of cushion. I’ve been in another room more than once while she is using it and heard a big thud with an immediate, “I’m OK, I didn’t feel a thing”.

This is the perfect size for not only our living room but today I need the living room and had the kids set it up in our kitchen (12’x14′) and there was plenty of room for her to practice there as well.

Admittedly, my daughter has only been doing gymnastics for a little over a month but apparently she is a natural and has already moved up a level. If your kid is into gymnastics or any other sport that requires a [amazon text=mat&asin=B00P1TBCDE] I’m sure that they will love this. It folds up easily, the Velcro on it is very strong, it is sturdy and firm and is exactly what my aspiring gymnast needed. Also, thankfully it arrived quickly because she was non-stop from the day I told her it was coming asking when it would arrive.

I’m impressed with the quality of this [amazon text=mat&asin=B00P1TBCDE]. Granted I haven’t been around a ton of them but the ones I’m familiar with (schools and her gymnastic lessons) don’t seem as thick as these ones. I shall see how well it holds up over time and will update my review if I see any issues but for now my daughter is ecstatic that she can practice at home whenever she wants and I’m happy that she can do it safely.

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