Hamer 80s Inspired Statement Necklace

This 80’s style necklace is sort of a love or hate it style when it comes to jewelry. I have to admit that I did not get it for myself, as soon as I saw it I knew my neighbor had to have it and I agreed to get it for her as long as she let me review it. My instinct was right because when I finally got this to her she loved it and had to work an outfit based around it.

Because I was designer I will put my personally preferred aesthetic aside and review this [amazon text=statement necklace&asin=B01D7FE8BG] as someone who loves 80s style (I am admittedly more of a 50s person). This is indeed very 80’s inspired, I’m pretty sure my mom had those same earrings at some point. That being said for the price this is surprisingly well made, at least the enamel parts that is. I like that one half of the necklace has a metal back and the other part doesn’t, this allows one half to seem more translucent than the other. Also, one half has a swirled effect while the other doesn’t creating more visual interest. The colors are vivid and saturated and I do really like the colors used in this [amazon text=necklace&asin=B01D7FE8BG]. I also really like the finish on the chain, it is almost a gun metal finish and is a nice contrast against the bright colors.

The earrings are not my favorite but again my neighbor likes them and that is all that matters since these are for her. I have included more detail on my video review.

I will say that picturing this with a gray long sleeved short length dress would be an amazing look and I like that this could be paired with a lot of different styles. The way that it is hinged allows it lay comfortable while being worn. Overall for the price it is a unique and interesting look and I’m very glad that my neighbor who helps me out all the time is thrilled with it. Also if she has any issue with it she has agreed to let me know so I can update my review. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01D7FE8BG]

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