GT-infinity Large Blue Cashmere Scarf Wrap



I’m actually wearing this right now while I’m typing this because I knew this would be the time I would use this shawl the most. This is perfect to keep warm in our home office or to wrap up on the couch with or to wear out in public, really the only time you can’t wear this is while you’re sleeping.

This is a soft material, it’s not so soft that you want to pet yourself while you’re wearing it but it’s also not scratchy at all and I have pretty sensitive skin. This is also reversible but I definitely prefer the blue side over the brown side.

This [amazon text=blanket shawl &asin=B015Q5A52G]Β is a very on trend look for fall but really I just like it because I like to snuggle and I hate being cold. This would make a great gift for anyone who says, “I feel a little chilly.” or, “Is anyone else a little cold?”, this is not the shawl for someone who says, “It’s absolutely freezing in here.” that person should wear a parka. πŸ™‚

I would think that this is pretty much a one size item. I am a bigger girl and there is lots of fabric to wrap up in. Overall I’m pleased with this and will continue to wear it until the thermostat says that it is 70 outside again. πŸ™‚

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