Groupon Savings On Amazon (and everywhere else)

Well, we can file this under you learn something new everyday. I have obviously been shopping on Amazon for a long time now and up until now I thought the only way that I could get even better deals was to use ebates but it was recently brought to my attention that I can use Groupon, go figure. 

It would seem that Groupon has developed a new service- Groupon Coupons. I thought Groupon was only what I had heard about it, a place to “purchase” deals and specials for local places in my area. But, it turns out Groupon now has over 55,000 free coupons for more than 8,000 stores! As I am typing this post Groupon currently has 156 coupons available for Amazon alone. Not a huge Amazon shopping? Don’t worry, they have coupons for almost every store imaginable including Neman Marcus, Target, Kmart,, the list is forever long and covers pretty much every store I’ve ever heard of. 

Since I am new to Groupon, I’ll be honest, I knew nothing about it so I did a little research to try to get a handle on it. The online shopping (Groupon Coupon) works similar to other coupon sites like retail me not and ebates with promo codes and you don’t have to purchase anything in advance.  For instance, I looked at restaurants in my area and found deals that I could buy that were available on certain days that would save me 20-50%. There are also area attractions that have discounted deals that I could purchase in advance. Then I found hotel deals and events and so much more, how did no one tell me about this before?!?! Don’t have time to look before you leave, there is even an app you can use when you’re out and about. 

I’m honestly still learning about Groupon and can’t wait to start using it more because I love to save money (who doesn’t). Now that school shopping will be starting soon and I officially have 2 kids to shop for this year so I really have to try to save money as much as possible plus we can use it for the rest of our summer trips before school starts. 

So all that being said please leave a comment if you have gotten a super amazing deal on Groupon. Also leave a comment with tips for me as a newbie, I always love when people share their wisdom. 

This post was written on behalf of Groupon however all opinions are my own and I’m excited to start using it as much as possible!

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