Goldwheat Camping Laptop Backpack

I got this backpack for my husband. He has used a backpack to take things to and from his full time job for years mainly because in the summer he rides his motorcycle to work and a briefcase isn’t practical. Because he uses his backpack at least 5 days a week and it is in the elements a lot it needs to be durable and so far this [amazon text=backpack&asin=B017U0R744]¬†seems like it is going to fit the bill.

He has been using this for a couple of weeks now to test it out and he said he is really happy with it. The only thing that would have made him happier is if there was a cell phone pocket on the outside that zipped to make it easier to find his phone but that is him being picky. There are plenty of pockets on here to keep you organized and lots of room for whatever you want to carry. The laptop compartment is padded and convenient. My husband says the backpack itself is comfortable to carry either with the standard straps or with the handle on the top.

One thing I was impressed with (which shows how easily I am impressed) is that the pull tabs for the zippers are so durable looking. They seem to be made of metal and they’re much thicker than a standard pull which is a good thing because typically either this or the handle on top are the first things that break on a backpack.

The design of this [amazon text=backpack&asin=B017U0R744] is very nice as well. It is mostly back which means that it will not show dirt and from a designer standpoint it will go with anything but it also has red details here and there that provide visual interest and also show the designer of this [amazon text=backpack&asin=B017U0R744] paid attention to detail.

Overall my husband really likes this [amazon text=backpack&asin=B017U0R744] which is the important thing. Since he will be carrying it daily (pretty much daily) if anything happens to it I will update my review.

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