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From a mom point of view I would give this gear toy fewer stars because of the quality of it but from a kids standpoint this is easily 5 stars especially since my kids didn’t want to stop playing with it and kept playing with it long after the review was done and actually they’re playing with again right now and we’ve had it for a while now.

As far as quality goes I have a couple of issues. First, if you have very little kids there are choking hazards but that isn’t an issue for me. The biggest issue with mine (which was probably a fluke) was that the battery on my motorized piece didn’t have a screw in it so that back comes off very easily. Other than that some of the plastic piece felt pretty inexpensive but once you got past that you realized that this is not only a fun toy, it is educational as well.

As you can see in the video part of my review my kids kept playing with this [amazon text=toy&asin=B019797KMU] and didn’t want to stop, that rarely happens with things that aren’t electronic. I liked that they became little engineers and not only that they had to do some problem solving whenever it didn’t work just right. I honestly don’t know which of my kids liked this better, my 10 year old or my 4 year old!

There are lot of pieces so if you have kids like mine be ready to lose most of those. The bricks go together and pull apart very easily and the best thing is that the kids were using their imagination, I even had a good time testing these and seeing what my kids were going to build next.

If I could I would give this a 4.5 star rating but because it is for my kids and they love it so much I went with 5 stars.

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