FlowerMoon Real Flower Jewelry

I recently was approached by FlowerMoon by Kittoune to review a piece of their jewelry, they asked me to pick out my favorite from their website which proved to be almost impossible. Here is my review which you can also find on their website https://flowermoonbykittoune.com 

This is the sort of bracelet you have to imaging a fairy made. It really is the only way to explain how it could be so beautiful and encapsulate the essence of this gorgeous flower. I had what felt like an impossible time picking out my favorite item on this website, I feel like you can’t go wrong. I finally got it narrowed down to two and decided on this Queen Anne’s Lace bracelet despite the fact that it doesn’t even have any of my favorite colors in it.

I love that the charm with the flower in it hangs down but not too far, it is very comfortable. Also I like that the charm with the company’s logo hangs down as well. Having both hanging on either side of my wrist is oddly pleasing, couldn’t tell you why, but I really like it.

The cording used on this is smooth, silky and quite lovely in person. I really like how the blue fades into the pink . I also like how the rhinestones showcase the flower and add an extra bit of sparkle to this piece. It is all topped off with a gold chain that the cording attaches too. I honestly don’t know why I was drawn to this piece so much, gold is not my favorite finish, pink and blue are not my favorite colors but something about how feminine it looked really appealed to me.

This is easy to get on off and there is an extension but thanks to my small wrists I didn’t need to use it which is why the logo charm hangs they way that it does.

Not only is this a beautiful piece it arrived all ready to give as a gift. The bracelet is presented on a piece of cardstock with some information about it and it is wrapped in a plastic sleeve. That is placed in a velvet bag with the company’s logo on it and this snaps closed. All of this is wrapped in tissue paper which also has the company’s logo on it and placed in the box it is shipped in. All that being said if you want to send this as a gift to someone the presentation is immaculate and I believe anyone would be thrilled with this jewelry, I know I am.

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