EVIDECO Over The Door Coat Rack

I really like the design of this. It reminds me of the coat racks that came out of the Eames design era of the 1950’s. I love over the door coat racks. The rooms in my house are not huge and in my kid’s rooms the closets are quite tiny. I have put hooks on the walls of both of their rooms but I hate putting holes in walls that I took a long time to paint and even after I installed the hooks it seems like they still need more especially when fall/winter hits.

I got this particular [amazon text=coat hook&asin=B00K1SD90O] for my son’s room. Since he is a boy and since I knit he has gotten quite a hat collection. Also, he has an overnight bag for when we camp or go visit grandma and grandpa and he has a variety of hoodies and jackets. I was able to fit 2 large overnight bags on this, along with a bathrobe multiple hats and multiple sweaters/coats.

This seems quite durable. I included a video review and I tugged on the [amazon text=rack&asin=B00K1SD90O] with quite a bit of pressure and it didn’t budge. Since my son is still little there won’t be a lot of weight put on this but I don’t anticipate any issues; if I do come across any I will update this review. I was going to add the dimensions of this to this part of the review but I noticed they are in the product description, so if you are wondering they are accurate. 

Overall, I love the contrast of materials for this rack, the size is perfect and it will do the job I need it to without issue. I’m more than happy with it. I’ve received coat racks before and when they arrived they were all bent but this one came in perfect condition and ready to hang.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00K1SD90O]

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