Emoji Nail Art Kit

My daughter is 11 and obsessed with emojis just like most girls her age seem to be right now. I saw this kit and she got super excited and begged me to try it.

This is a rather large [amazon text=kit&asin=B01KARVN1W]. We did a video review together to show everything and all the items that are included. Lily is slowly making her way through testing everything but I thought I would go ahead and post my review.

This has pretty much everything every young girl who wants to start doing her own nails could want.

There are 5 scented [amazon text=nail polishes&asin=B01KARVN1W] with adorable emoji faces on top. These are scented but as you will see from our reactions in the video the smell of the nail polish kind of overtakes the fruit scents but they are there and they are noticeable. These are a peel off nail polishes so they don’t last as long as a standard nail polish which could be a good or bad thing depending on how often you want to change your nails.

I really liked the little [amazon text=nail stickers&asin=B01KARVN1W] that were included. We used these on Lily after I did a pedicure for her. I admittedly used regular nail polish underneath because Lily wanted to use black nail polish but I put one on each of her big toes and then put a clear coat on top and they have been staying on very well. There are lots of different emojis in these stickers and some little silver hearts.

There are stick on fake nails that are scented, they smelled kind of like coconut. Lily tried these first. I told her they wouldn’t last long and I was right, they made it about 1 day. The one that went on her thumb was a little too small so I feel like these particular items were meant for someone younger.

There are two nail files included and what I thought were two nail cleaners and cuticle pushers but when I tried to use them for that they didn’t work and that’s when I realized they were for nail art. There is also a toe separator included which confused me, I’m not sure why they didn’t include two, I usually like to paint both of my feet at the same time so we used one of the ones I already had for Lily’s other foot.

I almost forgot about the ring that comes with this too. Lily immediately put it on. It is adjustable so it pretty much will fit any finger and it is ADORABLE. 

There are also [amazon text=nail wraps&asin=B01KARVN1W] in the set, this is what we haven’t tested yet but if there are any issues with them I will update my review.

So far Lily is thrilled with this [amazon text=kit&asin=B01KARVN1W] and it would make a great gift if you’re willing to spend that much on the person you’re buying for. I would say the recommended age (5) is probably about right with supervision but other than the stick on nails these items can pretty much be used by any one.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01KARVN1W]

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