Dare Color 6-Pack Low Cut Socks (Size 6-12)


I got these for my husband because he says if we were rich he would have a different pair of [amazon text=socks&asin=B012CKH36Y]┬áto wear every day (it’s the little things I suppose). He wears a size 13 shoe and he said they fit him fine but the cut was lower than he likes. Good news is, his loss is my gain because I love these [amazon text=socks&asin=B012CKH36Y].

First they come in 3 colors. It’s not that you are going to see them when your shoes are on but it’s still nice to have different colors. There is a nice attention to detail on these socks. The stitching around the arch area adds a little extra support. I also really like the color details on the bottom.

I appreciate the fact that these just follow the line of my sneakers so they’re barely visible. I have a tattoo that goes down my leg and onto my foot and most socks cover part of it up but these socks don’t. Also these are nice thickness, they’re not overly thin where my toe is going to go through them after wearing them a couple of times but they’re also not so thick that they’re not breathable. I wore them while doing my couch 2 5k the other day and my feet weren’t all sweaty and I wore them all day today and they are quite comfortable.

If you like a low profile sock and especially one that supports your arch a little I think these are a great option


[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B012CKH36Y]

[amazon asin=B012CKH36Y&template=iframe image center]

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