Covelin Ring Clutch Evening Bag

I love the concepts of this ring clutch handbag and it is stunning in person.

I get to go out with my husband once or twice a year for business events and we have to dress up so I always use a clutch purse. My problem with a clutch is that you either always have to hold it or put it on the table and hope no one grabs it, or it least that was the case until now. Now, I can just slip my finger in the ring on the top and pretty much hold my [amazon text=purse&asin=B01DDTFNH4] hands free.

The ring on the top is really pretty and when you don’t have it on your finger it just looks like a latch for the purse but when you put it on you would have no idea that it is part of the [amazon text=purse&asin=B01DDTFNH4] it just looks like a really pretty sparkly ring. This [amazon text=purse&asin=B01DDTFNH4] comes in three colors, black which is the one I have, gold and silver. I went with the black because I loved the contrast of the black background with the sparkling rhinestones. 

If you don’t like the idea of using the ring you can always use the removable chain strap that is included. In my video review I give dimensions for the purse and the ring but did not include the strap which is roughly 46″ long. I honestly never use these chains but you can always attach them and put them in the purse since they are attached to hinged holders.

My only complaint is that a small pocket would have been nice. This is a pretty small purse but just having a slight separation would have been helpful.

No matter what this is sparkly, pretty and in case you didn’t already notice, there is a ring attached to this [amazon text=bag&asin=B01DDTFNH4]! 🙂 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01DDTFNH4]

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