Cakes Athirst Hilarity (Unofficial Cards Against Humanity) Expansion Pack


I play [amazon text=cards against humanity &asin=B004S8F7QM] a lot, it is my dad’s favorite game, he insists that I bring it to every family function. It has gotten to the point that we needed an [amazon text=expansion pack &asin=B014RXHYY0] because we kept getting the same cards over and over, my dad even volunteered to pay for an expansion pack, that’s how much he loves it. 🙂

My version of cards against humanity is the downloaded for free version that we printed. In case you didn’t know this you can download the original game for free and then pay for expansion packs. Because we printed ours ourselves I don’t know how the texture and feel of these cards compare to to the original game. I also don’t know why you would need the original game to play these expansion packs other than needing the basic game instructions.

All that being said, some of these cards are way crazier than the original game. I pulled out a few from each deck that I liked the most that I can post here without having to worry about the age of the person reading this review.

Pack 1:
Black card favorites:
*What gave me unforgiving, ever lasting, flaming diarrhea?
*When listening to a Creed album, I feel like, __________.
White card favorites:
*Slamming a live fish on the counter and calling it dinner
*Elton John’s wardrobe
*Getting really concerned about global warming for a few seconds.

Pack 2:
Black Card Favorites:
*The only thing worse than ____________ is _____________.
*The greatest lie ever told was ______________.
*What did I do that caused my parents to beat me as a child?
White Card Favorites:
*Walking into the wrong delivery room
*Keeping the pimp hand strong

Pack 3:
Favorite Black Cards:
*I like my coffee like I like my women: strong and ____________.
*Now is my time: I’m young, dumb and full of _____________.
*___________ is the leading cause for blindness in white males.

Favorite White Card:
*Ordering dessert after calling off a wedding engagement

Pack 4:
Favorite Black Cards:
*In my day, __________ only cost a nickel.
*What’s in the back of my white paneled van?
*Eat your ________ child.

Favorite White Cards:
*Ricky Bobby
*Asparagus Urine
*Propane and Propane accessories
*Desperate Tinder Dates

Obviously these are PG examples of some of the cards, there are a lot of cards in the deck that I could not believe what I was reading but that is why the original game is a, “game for horrible people” and I think some of these are that 10 fold.

It is hard to say which of these packs is my favorite that is why getting all 4 is probably a good idea so that you can mix and match them and create an awesome deck. Some of the decks had more black cards that I liked and some had more white ones that I liked. I would have to say that if I had to pick two decks that are my favorite it would be packs 1 & 4.

I can not wait to go home again and play this with my family. I have never seen some of my family members laugh as hard as when we play this awful, awful, wonderful card game. 🙂

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